Stake is one of the top gambling websites out there paying out bonuses every day/week/month and so much more. is perhaps the most generous website out there. Yes, it’s a gambling website but it’s giving away free money and lots of it.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bonuses and more
  • Big Giveaways
  • Lots of Betting Options are available
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Supporting a wide range of Crypto Currencies
  • Fast Support
  • As of early 2021 No Stablecoin is available for deposits/withdrawals
  • Many races in the site seem to apply to whales with big cash (another mirror: is simply a website that is giving away lots of free money. If you like betting then you should definitely use because you can get so much back for doing so.

And if you are interested in making money then this would be a great website to consider. Let us explain why.

With you go up levels as you bet. When you reach a certain level you get a bonus for it. The higher you go – the more free cash you would be getting.

A Daily Reload for a VIP Member – Getting Free 7 XRP every day

Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

Even if you don’t reach a high level, just by leveling up you would be entitled for bonuses. Even if you win and you don’t lose a dime you would get a bonus. It’s not how much you win or lose, although if you lose you would get more back.

If you play our Dice Strategy for example then with Stake’s Rackback you would get a bonus for playing the dice on top of what you’re already doing. And on top of it you would get a weekly and a monthly bonus (based on your level).

We have achieved a Level 2 Platinum with Stake and this is our P/L so far:

Stake - Total wagering and bonuses
Bonuses of over $2,200 for betting with for about a year and a few months

As you can see you can get lots of bonuses from Stake for gambling. For instance in the picture above you can see that Stake has paid back around 1% of all wagers on their sites. It might sound little but if you do that in a large scale it could turn into a valuable figure.

Instant Withdrawals

Another benefit of is instant withdrawals. When you request a withdrawal from the site it would be processed instantly. See this video for example:

This video shows how a withdrawal of $297 is being processed instantly by

And it’s not only the withdrawals that are instant. The deposits are also processed instantly upon confirmation (and confirmation of a deposit is related to Crypto in general, and not to Stake).

Lots of options to bet + Insurance etc.

The site offers lots of bets, for instance in Football/Soccer you can bet on whether a goal will be scored in a certain minute during the game (available only on large events such as Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga and more).

In addition, Stake constantly offers promotions which can give you an edge when you bet on something. For instance check out the following promotion:

Boxing Promo in Stake
You can bet for instance $10 – $40 on a boxing fight and win $100 IN ADDITION to your own bet

So let’s say there is a UFC Match you like to bet on, so if you risk $15 to win $25 – then you potentially have a chance of grabbing back $140 ($125 + $15 your own stake) for the $15 you risked – even if you grab $80 (e.g. it ends on the 3rd round) – it’s still worth it. Or if you risk $100 to win $25 by betting on the favorite and ending up getting $200 for the $100 you risk – it’s another great outcome.

Another option to consider is strategies. Betting on low odds such as 1.01 can be useful. This is not available in all sites but we did review this strategy. Stake has many options to bet on events with low odds, where you have the edge.

The site has these kinds of promotions available throughout the year, simply visit their Promotions page and check out all the available options there.

Races and Big Giveaways

At the time of writing, this is the Christmas 2020 season and Stake just a week ago gave away over $200,000 to someone in a giant giveaway. We didn’t win in that giveaway but still got over $100 for participating – so Stake definitely awards everyone – here is a screenshot of the current promotion going on Stake:

Stake $100k Giveaway
For every $1,000 wagered (even on odds of 1.01) you would receive a ticket to win $100 x $1000 prizes!

So all in all you can see why Stake is being one of the best websites out there to use. Join now and start making money like never before. Details

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Stake is one of the top gambling websites out there paying out bonuses every day/week/month and so much more. So many betting options are available, instant withdrawals and tons of giveaways make this website one of the top ones out there.
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