How to place lay bets on horse races in 2023

Many betting agents don’t allow you to place lay bets on horse races

There are many betting agents out there that allow you to place “normal bets” with them or even lay bets on many events including greyhound racing. We explored how to use Betfair from anywhere a few years ago. However, since our world is changing rapidly and dynamically, that Betfair guide might be out of date for horse races. So if you want to know how to place lay bets on horse races in 2023 (and probably onward) keep on reading.

There are many agents out there you might haven’t even heard of!

At the time of writing (October 2022), the words “Betting Agents” might ring some bells for you with names such as AsianConnect88, SportMarket, BetinAsia and more, and whilst these agents have been here with us for quite a while – they are very strict, and in our view they are not the greatest out there if what you’re looking for is an option to lay bets on horse races, or even lay bets in general. You need to have the freedom to choose how and where to place your bets.

BetFair is not the only Betting Exchange out there

So you were looking for ideas how to place lay bets on horse races in 2023 and onward – the first thing that comes to your mind is BetFair. However, BetFair is not the only platform out there. BetDAQ is another interesting platform. Now what if we told you you can have a betting agent that can offer you betting accounts with both BetFair and BetDAQ clones? This is possible in one single account. You can use Crypto for deposits and withdrawals. You are dealing with an agent and have an access to the best variety out there – as many markets as possible, such as Australian Horse Racing, UK Horse Racing, French Horse Racing, US Horse Racing, South Africa and more.

How to place lay bets on horse races in 2023? The Solution!

In our opinion one of the best solutions out there is – The reason? They offer you both BetFair and BetDAQ clones, without any restrictions at all. You can even lay bets on politics or events that give you more edge than others!

A screenshot from’s main page – You can place lay bets on horse racings

BookieCity has no deposits or withdrawal fees, unlike many other “bigger” agents that charge you more to use them and provide you with less.

All in all, this is our best suggestion for now. As we mentioned earlier, we’re living in an ever changing dynamic world, so what’s good for now can always change later on. However, we do firmly believe that BookieCity is here to stay, and we expect them to keep on offering what they offer for a very long time, at least throughout 2024-2025 and probably later on as well.

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