A better strategy than Martingale

A better strategy than Martingale

Do you want to know the secret how to grab lots of bonuses with minimum risk? Then carry on reading.
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Please Note

Please pay attention to all the details and ensure you fully understand how to execute it. Any mistake could be highly costly. It's a great strategy but ensure you do the math right!
  • Can be regarded as a SAFE way to make money
  • Accumulate wagering requirements in a very easy way
  • You have the edge
  • You are taking a large risk here long term
  • Can be time consuming to a certain extent
  • You must ensure the game is provably fair!

[Note / Update]

We got some criticism about this strategy. We responded to the criticism in this blog post.

How can you beat the house?

The best way to beat the house is by getting bonuses. The bonuses give you the edge. With bonuses you get better returns. For that you normally need to fulfill wagering requirements. However that requires you to take risks or use a certain strategy. Most gamblers think of Martingale when it comes to this. However the following strategy is even better than Martingale!

Do you want to know how the big guys easily wager thousands of dollars without a problem? Then read on.

What can be better than Martingale?

Many websites do not disclose this information. There is no official “name” for this strategy. Nonetheless most chances are you’ve never heard of it. So let’s get down to it. Yes, this strategy in our opinion is better than Martingale. It could last longer and help you fulfill wagering requirements. In sites like Stake it could easily make you a VIP customer. So how does it work?

This is what makes the strategy better than Martingale

With Martingale if you lose $10 you risk $20, and if you lose $20 you risk $40 and so on. The odds here are normally evens (2.00) so the risk of running through a losing streak is quite high. It could happen faster than you think.

With this strategy you risk $0.001 for instance. If you lose you risk $0.10. If you lose you risk $10. If you lose you risk $1000. The odds here however are 1.01.

See it in action: A better strategy than Martingale

You must choose a PROVABLY FAIR game. That’s a must!

This strategy is not going to work on a rigged game. So please ensure you use a PROVABLY FAIR game.

Hint: The providers listed on this site are all OK to use. For example, you can use the DICE/Limbo game in BC-game or Stake – these are our favorite ones.

A better strategy than Martingale: Conclusion

Once you choose a game (e.g. Limbo, Dice), run your bets with 1.01 odds. You would soon see you can run this for hours, even whilst your sleep. This is how all the “big guys” easily generate huge volumes of wagering. If there is a ’24 hour race’ – then with this strategy you can easily wager much more than you imagined. Every time you have 2 losing bets in a row you actually wager more than many others and it can run automatically until you decide to stop it.

Good luck!