Taking Advantage of Gambling Promotions

Taking Advantage of Gambling Promotions

By taking advantage of gambling promotions you can ensure you have the edge. You are basically guaranteed to win. But there are pitfalls to avoid.
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No one is giving away free money just like that. Usually the promos given come with some conditions. Always make sure you fully understand the requirements that you are 100% happy to proceed.

Many gambling websites give away free money or provide you with ways to make more money. Why not exploit these giveaways in your own favor? Learn more.

  • Can be regarded as a GUARANTEED way to make money
  • Your risk is very minimal
  • The edge is by your side
  • Must read the small print
  • Can be time consuming to a certain extent

Taking advantage of gambling promotions can be a great way of making more money. This is a way to have the edge by your side. The most popular types of promotions are “New User Signup Bonus”. Basically, you sign up to a new site. You make a deposit. Then you get an additional bonus. Many years ago, you could have used this bonus for arbitrage purposes and make easy money. Nowadays, these bonuses usually come with strings attached. The most popular condition is to rollover this bonus 10 times or even more.

We want to concentrate on different types of promotions. Ones that you probably haven’t even heard of. Just like Crypto Currencies many people are not even aware of these types of promotions.

Sports Betting Promotions: Not the ones you think you know

Take Stake for example. Stake had a promotion called Shooter in the end of December 2020. This promotion basically required you to do the following:

Win a multi bet with at least x6 payout by betting on NBA Total (Incl. Overtime) market!

Now, at first glance it might sound risky or impossible to do that without losing money. However take the following into consideration. In order to win you only need to pick 3 games. You don’t even need to know the teams or care about them. If you have 3 different games, then betting on all possible over/under outcomes means you need to bet 8 times on those 3 games. Check out this image that might explain it better.

Taking Advantage of Gambling Promotions by betting on all 8 possible outcomes.
You have 8 possible ways to cover 3 games with bets on over/under

So if you have 8 ways to bet then that means you need to place 8 bets. You have to ensure all bets are placed on totals of XXX.5 e.g. 188.5 and not 188 because otherwise they can be void (if the game ends with exactly 188 points) and Stake won’t count them. Other than that the math is simple.

Basically, if the minimum stake required is $1 then you bet with $8 in total. You should get back at least $6 because one bet is going to be a winning bet. That means you only risk $2 in the worse case to win a share of up to $1000 or more! Note: If you verify your Stake account then the prize will be doubled! That by all means is “Free money”.

Your only “risk” is if one of the games get cancelled then you won’t win anything in the promo. However the chances of NBA games getting cancelled are quite slim. Indeed, however, in this period of Coronavirus things are more shaky but overall professional sports have proven themselves to be quite reliable when it comes to schedule.

Taking Advantage of Gambling Promotions in the right way

Taking advantage of gambling promotions in the right way is simply doing the right math. In another Stake promotion called Goals or Not which is still live at the time of writing – Stake is offering something similar to the example above.

In this promotion you need to win 8x by betting totals in soccer games. So this requires probably to choose 4 different games. However even if you need to choose 4 games instead of 3 you can still make money from it.

If you have 4 games then you have 16 different possibilities to cover all over/under outcomes. Remember to use X.5 and not X.25 or X.00 e.g. bet on over/under 2.5 and not 2 or 2.25. Placing 16 bets means you risk $1 x 16 = $16. You would get back at least $12 from these bets (choose ones with high odds on each side e.g. over is 1.90 and under is 1.90). So you risk $4 in total and you will win much more than $4.

There are many more promotions we can discuss, however in order to keep this article short and sweet we will leave you to think about other examples. Good luck!