Low Odds Such As 1.01

Low Odds Such As 1.01

In sports events there are opportunities to bet on 1.01 odds. Are these opportunities or traps? The answer is selective.

Is there any value in risking $100 to win $1 or risking $1000 to win $10 or even $20? What could be the benefit of doing that? Learn more in this section.

  • Easy to gain VIP and bonuses with this strategy
  • Allows you to fulfill wagering requirements very easily
  • High Risk - Low Return
  • You have to bet like this many times to make nice gains

Betting on low odds such as 1.01 might seem a ridiculous thing to do. Risking $1000 to win $10 might sound absurd for many people. After all, why risk so much to gain so little? But with websites like Stake it might be worth it.

If a website is paying you to wager then your gain is not only $10. You could be wagering $1000 to gain $50 or more. For instance in Stake you get VIP % for wagering as shown below:

VIP Percentage screen in Stake: The more you wager the more you gain, regardless of the odds.

What kind of 1.01 bets might be worth it?

In Stake for example you can bet on Under 0.5 Goals in one single minute in large football/soccer events. It usually carries low odds such as 1.01. For instance Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League. In those events if you see an injury that is taking too long or any other reason to cause a delay in the game you can then take this bet. Thus you would be gaining VIP % extremely fast. Moreover this is jut one example. But we definitely like it. Don’t just bet it blindly. Make sure you bet like this at times when it’s right. Usually there is a one minute break. Hence if you want to bet on Under 0.5 Goals between 07:00 and 07:59 then you would have to place it at latest when it’s 06:00 on the clock.

Betting under 0.5 Goals in one single minute in the UK Premier League
Betting on a Premier League match: Under 0.5 Goals between 23:00 and 23:59

These type of bets are easy to deal with because they end up fast. There is no need to “sweat” these bets. They allow you to risk even a few thousands of dollars. In addition these are easy bets to easily gain VIP % in Stake.

At the time of writing (December 2020) these bets are available. However, in the future Stake might suspend these bets. For now these are available and we see them as value bets. However these must be placed with a reason and not blindly.

One more thing, around the 65th minute onward Stake usually pays 1.02 on these bets. That means you can risk 1000 to win 20. The risk is higher because usually the teams at this stage try harder to score. However you can find some nice “gems” all the times. It does require some patience but if you have it the sky is the limit.

NCAA Matches: Basketball and American Football With Low Odds such as 1.01

College games can also provide some nice opportunities. They also usually carry low odds such as 1.01 or even less. Take for example this match between Tennessee Volunteers and Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles:

NCAA Basketball Match between Tennessee Volunteers and Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles

The current odds between these two teams shows no bookie is even willing to provide money line odds on this game. In Stake the odds are 1.001 – you risk 1000 to win 1, but the spread in this game is around 30 points. Also the fact the two teams are from the same region makes it almost impossible for the underdog to surprise here. Now risking 1000 to solely win 1 is definitely not worth it. However if you get additional bonuses for that risk then the reward might outweigh the risk.

Ask yourself would you risk $100 to win $10? If you do it blindly without an edge i.e. without a reason to bet like this, then you can quickly wipe out those $100. But if you risk $1000 just once to win $10 then your chances are far higher here. Yes, you need to spend more but the outcome is the same. The risk is the only difference. (and perhaps the fees as well, which is why Ripple is a good currency to consider with Stake).

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