Value Bet with Spread Betting

Value Bet with Spread Betting

Value Bet with Spread Betting occurs when you find 2 different betting options in 2 different sites. It's a sure win.
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Please Note

Please pay attention to all the details and ensure you fully understand how to execute it. Some shady sites could void your bet. Always use the sites we suggest here to ensure you get your sure winnings!
  • There is no risk with this kind of betting because you cover yourself from both angles
  • You can decide to be a bit risky by betting on the more likely outcome
  • You have the edge
  • Ensure both sites can take your bets in the size that you wish to bet on
  • Make sure to bet first with the site you think is being "wrong" with the odds
  • You have to ensure both sites will honor your bets without voiding them

How does value bet with spread betting work?

Value bet with spread betting occurs between two different sites. For example, in a basketball match, one site could offer a spread of 50 points, whilst the other is offering only 30. That means you can bet on Team A +50 points on one site and on Team B -30 points on the other site. This bet is “risk free” and if the result is ending up between 30 and 50 points you basically double your stakes. Otherwise you get back your stake.

Here is an example

On the 19th of December 2021 there was a basketball event, part of the WNCAA. The WNCAA is the college basketball league in the United States for Women. Whilst the NBA is extremly popular league in this country, the WNCAA is not quite so. Spread Betting had Georgia Bulldogs -33.5 points

In the game between Georgia and St. Francis then had Georgia -33.5 points. Now take a look at another site:

Bet365 Spread Betting
Bet365 had St. Francis +48.5 points in the very same game

So basically if you had an account in both sites, you could bet for instance $500 on St. Francis +48.5 points, and $500 on Georgia -33.5 points. By the way this game has ended 82-45, so that is a classic example of a game that ended with 37 points – exactly between 33.5 and 48.5, so hypothetically betting like this would have ensured “Sure Profit” in both sites!

Things to consider

This could be a great way for you to get “Sure Win” profits. However please ensure the bet is placed in good faith, as some sites might void the bets if they think they offered you wrong odds. In the example above both sites honored the different spreads and you could even check it with them beforehand. Surprisingly, after placing the maximum bet with the spread option was removed both on their site and on Stake’s site (which they seem to use the same or similar operator).