How to convert Crypto Currencies

Learn how to convert Crypto Currencies by paying as less fees as possible. Learn some tricks and ideas how to convert in the best possible way.

If you want to know how to convert Crypto currencies then start with rule number 1. If a 3rd party site is offering you an exchange you should avoid it. For instance, Stake is offering this feature. However, all they do is rely on Binance that will do it for you for less fees and with faster processing times. However, many Crypto users tend to see Binance as the holy grail for conversions of Crypto Currencies. Let us bring you some examples to show this should not be the case.

Why major exchanges are not always suitable?

Did you know that with you can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin instantly and without fees? By instantly we mean instantly, without any delays whatsoever.

This is done via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This allows you to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin as much as you’d like. The minimum withdrawal in is only 1000 Satoshis (0.00001 BTC).

How to convert Crypto Currencies. Withdrawing Satoshis from
The withdrawal screen in allowing you to withdraw 1000+ Satoshis without any fees or delays

As of today, most exchanges don’t support the Bitcoin Lightning Network. However a major exchange such as Binance does support the exchange of so many Crypto Currencies.

How to convert Crypto Currencies using FixedFloat

One great alternative to Binance is FixedFloat. With FixedFloat you can exchange Satoshis in the Lightning Network to a regular Bitcoin wallet. Most exchanges don’t allow you to do that.

In addition, FixedFloat doesn’t require you to sign up or verify yourself. You simply send the coins that you wish to exchange and get the other coins sent instantly upon confirmation. If you use the Bitcoin Lightning Network then the exchange will be completed instantly.

Another factor to consider is fees. FixedFloat has very small amount of fees involved when it comes to exchanging. With Binance, as of today, you pay a 0.0005 BTC fee to make a BTC withdrawal. That is a $20 fee to withdraw your Bitcoin from Binance. Quite a lot!

Don’t get us wrong. We definitely like Binance but if you got some BTC stuck there then simply do this. Convert your BTC to DOGE or TRON or other Crypto currency that doesn’t cost a lot to withdraw. Then withdraw and use FixedFloat to convert that crypto back to BTC. You would save much more than this $20 in fees!

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