5.0 Review allows you to bet on your favorite sports. It will reward you with nice bonuses for doing so. allows you to bet on your favorite sports and get extra bonuses for it.

  • There are NO FEES to make withdrawals!
  • A great website for arbitrage purposes
  • Price Boost available for many Sports Bets
  • Bonuses awarded only when you reach a level
  • Clubhouse tier expires every month

This is our Review. as the name implies is mainly focusing on Sports Bets. It does contain some casino games but its main focus is on Sports Betting. allows you to bet, pre game or live, on many sports events. It does have a robust live betting platform. In a way its platform is even better than what Stake has.

We did find some value with this website. For example backing huge favorites in NCAA Basketball. We did cover this in this section: Finding a Value Bet. The site can also be great for arbitrage. This will be covered later on in this page.

What about bonuses? When it comes to bonuses it does require a further analysis. Read our review to find out more. Review: Clubhouse

The clubhouse in is a way for the site to reward you for using it. It does pay out bonuses but generally they are not huge. However, keep on reading to discover some nice perks. Clubhouse
Getting into the next tier in the Clubhouse

As shown in the image above, the Clubhouse has tiers. If you are a new user then the points you are getting are around 15 times your stake in EUR. That is assuming your odds are over 2.00. If not, it’s 15 times your winning amount in EUR. More or less. did make it quite complicated. So if you bet $1200 on odds of 2.00 and EUR/USD is around 1.20 then:

1000 x 15 = 15,000 Clubhouse Tier Points

That is more or less how it works. Now how much are these points worth? Clubhouse Review: Different Tiers

The more you bet – the higher your tier is. Clubhouse: Being very close to move to the next tier.
Less than 200 points required to move to the next tier

In order to get around 200 points you need to bet around $100 in Sports or use other strategies. This was our bet for instance:

Sports Bet placed at the end of 2020.
Placing a bet at the end of 2020

This bet placed the Clubhouse account being close to 40,000. With a few small bets of $2 it was reached and then a reward could have been claimed: allows you to claim rewards when you go up a level.
Once you reach the next level you would be able to claim a reward

The available options once you click on “Claim Reward” were:

Different options of bonuses to claim in the Clubhouse.
There are several options available to choose when claiming a reward at

As you can see you get $5.88 cash which you can withdraw and use it just like cash. Alternatively you can choose to get slightly more if you’re planning to place another bet. The other options are to get free spins.

We tried the free spins, and received back slightly less than the cash prize. Overall, we would suggest to choose cash (Cash Back). In our view this is the best option to choose.

One last thing to note. The Clubhouse Tier does expire every month. Your point multiplier will remain the same back it goes backwards one level unless you make a progress. Thus we conclude our Review with a suggestion – don’t rely on the Clubhouse for long term profits.

Why is a great resource?

Having a new account, we did place a $1,000 bet and lost it. We got around straight to the Silver Tier, about the middle of it. The Cash Back bonus was close to $50! That means if you bet $1,000 in and bet another $1,000 in another site – you can use Arbitrage!

That basically means you can risk $2,000 and be sure to get $2,100 or so. So your profit is a risk free profit. Review: Price Boost

In addition to the Value Bets and the possibility to arbitrage, has a feature called “Price Boost“. This feature basically pays you more on your selection. Price Boost Feature
Using the Price Boost for instance to bet on Liverpool. Getting 1.62 instead of 1.58

This feature is provided by and they do replenish these boosts. So if you use it you can expect to get another one the next day or so. If we already mention Arbitrage above, this allows you to enjoy it even more.

All in all, the site is great for sports bets. We do not cover the casino games they have. In general the games are okay but we wouldn’t use them. For instance, the famous Crash game is called “Aviator” in the site. There is no Auto Cashout and we did not find the game so friendly. So if Review Details

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