Why Use Crypto Gambling Sites instead of Traditional Ones?

Many people tend to believe that traditional gambling sites are safer and better than Crypto gambling sites. The opposite is the truth. Crypto gambling sites are far better than anything you’ve known so far.

Why use Crypto Gambling Sites instead of Traditional Ones?

Crypto Gambling Websites are in some way safer than traditional gambling websites. The main reason is they cost much less to operate, they have less bad regulation in place, and they are much more open for direct communication between the user and the operator when disputes arise.

Traditional sites such as Bet365 or William Hill have games available for you to play in them, however there is no proof these games are provably fair – you are basically relying on a statement from a supervising body to let you know the games available are regulated – this is simply not good enough.

The Roulette in Bet365 or William Hill or Ladbrokes is not provably fair whilst the Dice in BC.game is! Try to google search “Ladbrokes Fairness of Gaming” and compare it to the transparency you see in BC.game for example! There is simply no comparison.

Many people tend to believe that the old classic traditional website or brand they are so familiar with is 100% honest but how can you verify it? If this cannot be verified why would you use it? And on top of all with BC.game if you withdraw your balance you usually get it paid instantly – have you tried making a withdrawal from Ladbrokes? Try withdrawing over the weekend and see if you get it before the next working day!

Crypto Has NO Bank Holidays!

The Crypto World is evolutionary. It is operating on a 24/7, whether there is a bank holiday in some place in the world or whether it’s Christmas. The websites who operate with Crypto adjust themselves to this style likewise. When you use a Crypto Gambling Website you can be assured there is a system in place to process your withdrawals without delays.

Let’s assume you use FreeBitco.in which is notorious for not having the great support out there. When you request an instant withdrawal on this site you will get it instantly, whether it’s weekend or not. That how Crypto is built, to provide a better financial system than the one many are used to from the early years of the 21st Century. However slowly it will change because there is simply no way of going back.

Ask yourself why use crypto gambling sites instead of traditional ones? Because you have a better access to your funds!

Regulation / Is it Legal?

The very basic answer to the question is that for most people it is legal. Most people don’t transact in thousands, let alone millions. Governments around the world would like to regulate Crypto because of money laundering and transfer of funds for bad purposes.

For the Average Joe this is none of his business. Now, it doesn’t imply that Crypto is 100% legal in your jurisdiction. Please do check your local laws in regards to that as they constantly change and evolve. The answer we provide today might not be suitable for tomorrow for some users.

However, it is very safe to assume and say that in most countries and in most locations around the world there should be no major issue using Crypto, and hopefully this would remain like this for the very long term in the future.

Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder

Please keep in mind that the world economy is based on trust. In an ever changing dynamic world what is right for today might not be right for tomorrow. However, the Crypto World has definitely changed and shaped many aspects in our lives. We do believe it would keep on changing more aspects in our lives as the time goes by.

Where can you exchange Crypto

We suggest Binance because it allows you to exchange a wide variety of Crypto currencies with very slim margins. Binance can also pay you interest rate on Crypto deopsits you leave with them. The rates can be as high as 10% annual rate on USD types of Stablecoins.

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