How To Level Up in Gambling Sites (Using Martingale)

Some of the sites listed here and other sites in general offer you more bonuses if you play with them, but for that you need to risk your own money – Learn here how to do it the smart way.

How to level up in gambling sites (using Martingale).

If you visited some of the sites listed here, or in general, any other site – you would see that the more you bet – the more bonuses you get. But the thing is – you don’t want to lose your hard earned money just for the sake of getting some VIP points, don’t you? But on the same time you don’t want to lose the opportunity to actually get a bonus – so what do you do?

One of the very old classic ways of “beating” the house is via the Martingale Strategy. The Martingale strategy basically says that you bet on odds of 2x, and you risk 1, if you lose you risk 2, if you lose you risk 4 and so forth – until you win. Once you win – you repeat that same sequence and you stop when you feel like you made a decent revenue.

The Martingale strategy however requires you to work with a very large balance. You would need to cover yourself for a case where you would hit a long sequence of losing bets. Yet this is why Crypto is such a good solution for you. Since with a balance of 0.01 BTC for example when you risk only 0.00000001 BTC (1 Satoshi) then the chances of you losing your entire balance is quite slim. It is still possible it would happen. However you would be able to get into the VIP Level you wish to claim in whatever site you are using.

Watch How To Level Up in Real Time

The following video demonstrates how in 2 minutes you can earn 200 Satoshi with a bank of about 0.001 BTC. The higher the bank – the safer the outcome. The video was taken from the website

As you can see the Martingale strategy basically only requires you to set the losses to increase by 100% (winnings don’t change). You can run it on automatic mode to save you the time and hassle of doing it all by yourself.

This way you can easily accumulate points, rewards, bonuses or whatever you desire. This will allow you to to enhance your betting account with a certain provider and have them treat you better.

Please note many operators are aware of this system. Most have no objection for players to use this kind of system. After all you are still taking a risk when you bet like this.
Imagine risking a $10,000 balance where at certain point you risk $1000 just to get $0.50 back. This is part of the risk and you should be aware of it. Martingale is not a 100% safe way to beat the house. However it is quite effective if it’s done with moderation and of course – having the lucky you won’t hit 20+ losses in a row.

Probability theory is simply a branch of measure theory, with its own special emphasis and field of application

Joseph Leo Doob, The developer of the Martingale Theory

Please remember all forms of gambling carry a risk. Even in horse racing a 300 to 1 horse can win the race. That is why you should always set a limit to a number you are comfortable with. If you use this system don’t risk more than you can afford because this will usually lead to a disaster.

We hope this can help you understand how to Level up in gambling sites (using Martingale).

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