CoinPlay Scam (Honest Review)

Is CoinPlay a scam or a honest website? We don’t want to keep you reading a lot, so if you’re looking for the bottom line here is the answer: It is not a honest site.

Why? Because they can scam you, and it is based in their terms, and they don’t even hesitate to use their vague terms against you. There will be nothing you can do about it, other than simply not use the site.

CoinPlay Scam: Read about this incident from Bitcointalk

In the Bitcointalk forum a user created this thread. The user signed up with the site from Germany. Germany is not a prohibited country according to CoinPlay T&C (as of April 2023, time of posting). He placed genuine bets in the site. He lost his first deposit and won with the 2nd deposit. CoinPlay decided to refund his 2nd deposit. Despite betting only on the NBA, and not a dodgy league – the user had his winnings void. You can watch this video explaining what happened:

This YouTube video summarizes what happened to the user vs CoinPlay

The user asked CoinPlay in the Bitcointalk forum if they wish to use an independent review website, to which CoinPlay replied: “For an independent review, we will proceed with sharing the relevant details of your case with a third party – Askgamblers”. That’s what the user did, very patiently.

Unfortunately, the complaint remained unresolved. Even AskGamblers said what CoinPlay provided is insufficient. What they are doing is basically using their terms and conditions, allowing them to void winning bets and refund the deposit. It’s unscrupulous, it’s a scam.

Are these the same guys behind 1XBet / 1XBit?

Some forum members in Bitcointalk claim the people behind 1XBet and 1XBit which are notorious for being scam websites – the same guys are behind this one as well. Basically, they might have realized the previous product (e.g. 1XBet) is not working well due to bad reputation, so they came up with this new site, and now they are scamming users again.

We cannot confirm if this is true or not, but regardless, using shady T&C to void bets is absolutely unfair and fraudulent. That’s a scam. The websites we list in our blog are all honest websites and they would honor your bets, win or lose.

No website is perfect, and there could always be some individual issues with some sites, however what CoinPlay did here is 100% a red flag. They have decided to show their true face by voiding legitimate and genuine bets, leaving that player empty handed for no valid reason whatsoever.

As always, avoid playing at shady websites and always use sites that will honor your winning bets.

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