How to use BetFair from anywhere

You want to use BetFair, the biggest betting exchange in the world, but it’s not allowed to be used in your country. How do you go around it?

Many people want to know how to use BetFair from anywhere around the world. BetFair is one of the biggest betting exchange websites out there. However many users are restricted and cannot use it. This guide was created for them.

First of all the main question is why use BetFair? There are so many betting websites out there. So why stick to BetFair? The answer is simple. In BetFair you can find many types of bets not available elsewhere. Let’s explore some of these first.

BetFair allows you to lay horses

No, god forbid, this is not implying you can have sex with a horse or get laid with it. In betting terms, laying a horse means you bet against the horse. In another words you bet on that horse not to finish in the 1st position.

BetFair allows you to bet against horses
A screenshot taken from a BetFair clone site for a Horse Racing in France

As you can see in the picture above the red buttons are for laying purposes. For example if we take the worst horse in the race, Gentleman Rider for every 340 you risk on the horse you would get 1. That means you would have to risk 1700 in order to win 5.

Now, risking 1700 to win 5 sounds absurd initially. However we did relate to value bets in this site. What if you risk 6000 to win 20 but you’re betting against horse that absolutely no chance whatsoever to win the race? What if you bet agains the favorite? The choice is yours. BetFair simply provides the platform for such things.

In addition, you can bet on political events, Oscar awards and so much more. Which other website would allow you to bet on a horse to lose? None. Only BetFair allows you to bet on such outcomes and it has the liquidity for it likewise. This again shows why so many want to know how to use BetFair from anywhere.

So how to use BetFair from anywhere around the world?

After seeing why BetFair is such an interesting site you want to know how to use it. Firstly, it might be available in your region. So check if you can use it directly. However if not, then please keep on reading.

The best way to use BetFair is using a BetFair clone site. Such a website allows you to use BetFair indirectly.

A screenshot taken from on 23 December 2020

OrbitXCH is an example to such a site. However there are several “underground” sites likewise. These sites like to keep a low profile. For example – Alexa has no record on this site. Yet this site is well known to serve whales with 5-6 digits.

Most of these sites have only a login button. There is no sign up button. So how do you go on from here?

Use Betting Agents in order to get into BetFair

Betting agents are the ones who can help you to get into BetFair. In fact, many of them offer accounts in other sites such as and more. Some of them might have very relaxed KYC policy. That effectively means you can be in the US and bet in BetFair and no one would bother about that.

You can apply the strategy of finding a value bet or taking a bet with low odds such as 1.01 using BetFair. It has the options available for you.

The only thing you need to do is contact a betting agent. As of December 2020 these are the top betting agents we are aware of:

  • BrokerStorm
  • Bet In Asia
  • AsianConnect88
  • Odsy88
  • SportMarket
  • EastBridge-SB

Betting agents in most cases have been successful business operating for a long time. The reason is because their main job is to process deposits and withdrawals. The rest is between you and the account you are using. They will create the account for you. However you would place the bets yourself. Some offer to place the bets on your behalf via Skype. However they do require a large balance before providing that option.

Check which broker works the best for you. Ask the broker questions. Most of them are available on a 24/7 basis or at least during business hours. Check their deposits fees and withdrawal fees. See if they offer you some VIP bonuses etc. Most importantly run some tests with them to see you are happy with the way they work. Read reviews and ensure you are happy to use that agent for your betting needs.

Most betting agents accept Crypto Currencies

One last thing – most betting agents support Crypto for deposits and withdrawals. BrokerStorm for instance allows you to deposit or withdraw with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, DAI and more. So if you like using stablecoins such as the dollar you can do it with them.

We personally like BrokerStorm because they don’t charge fees for deposits and withdrawals. We like using Stablecoins with them. They do convert the USDC to EUR but that’s the only conversion they make. The conversion is also made on the spot. That means if the EUR/USD is 1.20 and you withdraw 1000 EUR to USDC then you would get exactly $1200. They don’t rip you off at the point of the deposit or exchange.

The only drawback with BrokerStorm is that they are available between 08:00am to 00:00am UK Time, so if you need them between 00:00 and 08:00am they won’t be available. But all in all we don’t see it as a terrible thing. They are quite responsive and provide great service overall.

We hope this guide was satisfactory and helps you learn how to use BetFair from anywhere around the world.

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