Win up to 1 BTC Every Day

Win Up to 1 BTC Every Day with a Lucky Spin.

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With you can spin a wheel every day and win up to 1 BTC.

Unlike or other faucets in this site the wheel can be used once a day and it resets on midnight GMT. So if you spin at 23:58pm GMT you can wait 2 minutes and then spin the wheel again.

Most chances are to hit low prizes but it’s definitely possible to hit more than that.

How does it work?

Once you register (for free) you would be eligible to spin the wheel every day, it’s your promo for life, and it’s permanently available. Lucky Spin
Lucky Spin. The numbers are not reflecting the real numbers on the wheel and are provided for illustration purposes only.

Just today (29 November 2020) we rolled the wheel and we received 1 XLM (which is worth today $0.20) – so it’s definitely possible to win cash from that wheel but you can go through so many days without hitting a prize.

The JB tokens you are likely to win have no cash value but you can use them to practice in the site, for instance to try a martingale strategy in the dice game.

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