The dice involves a bet on numbers between 1 and 100. Learn how to beat the house with simple strategies. Video included.

The game of dice is not the most exciting game out there but it can definitely help you gain more money and bonuses. Read this page for more information.

  • Very easy to use
  • Allows you to play with low odds
  • You can apply different strategies on this game
  • Easy way of increasing your wagering for VIP etc.
  • Quite a boring game
  • Requires a large bankroll to make something out of it

The dice is an interesting game. Unlike the traditional dice which has only 6 possible outcomes, this one involves a “dice” that can lend on numbers between 1 and 100. Your goal is to choose a number (usually between 2 and 98), and to bet on whether the roll of dice would be higher or lower than what you chose. For example if you choose the roll will be under 98 and the dice hits 99 then you lose. If the dice hits 97 then you win (but usually the odds will be quite lower in this case).

The Martingale Strategy can be very useful with this game. For instance if you play at 2x odds, then you can easily apply that Strategy. This in turn would allow you to accumulate points and bonuses with the website you are playing with.

Keep in mind the dice is a game of chance, make sure the game you are playing is provably fair if you are planning to use some strategies with this game. You can rest assured all the sites advertised here are 100% provably fair.

Applying the Martingale Strategy to the Dice game

Let us take BetFury for example – and show you how we applied the Martingale Strategy to their game of dice:

You can try and apply other strategies as well such as the Paroli strategy or any other one.

The goal is to have enough bankroll so you could (almost) always end up on the winning side. It is impossible of course to guarantee you won’t hit a streak of 40+ losses, but as long as the game is provably fair then the operator has no way to do that to you intentionally i.e. it just won’t happen. So if you use your bankroll wisely like this you would accumulate more winnings as well as more points or bonuses. For example in BetFury.io you would go up to a new VIP level and we described how useful was it to hit Level 2 when the site was celebrating its birthday.

You can also try the Dice in BC.game – based on our experience their interface allows the automatic rolls to flow much quicker, and it goes a bit more smoother than in the Betfury’s site.