You can multiply your stakes in Crash but you should learn the pitfalls before you try to do so
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Please Be Aware
Crash is a Slow Game

If you are looking for a faster game then you should consider Dice instead. Read the page for more details.

Crash is a game where you can multiply your stake even by thousands! Learn how to make the most out of it.

  • Live and Enjoyable Game
  • Potential for Huge Winnings
  • A still relatively New Type of Game in 2021
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  • Very slow for Strategies
  • You have to wait until the game crashes

Crash is a game of greed. You can multiply your money in one second and in the next it all goes away. You are the one who needs to make decision when to close your bet.

We advise to always use the Auto Stop feature when you play Crash. Unless you are planning to bet with your stake on an outcome of 1000x or more then you should always consider using the Auto Stop feature. Hence this will eliminate potential losses that could occur by you relying on yourself and not on a pre-decision to settle your bets.

If you play Crash please remember the game is quite slow. It can take over a minute for a bet to settle.

How to win in Crash

Just like the Dice the best system to use in Crash is the Martingale System. You can see in the video below how to do this in real time in the website.

With a TRTL balance of over 17,200 TRTL it is almost impossible to lose a Martingale Strategy where the base bet is 1 TRTL

As you can see in this video it took over 5 minutes to place only a few bets. Hence this can be useful for those who are not in a rush to place their bets.

If we had to compare Dice and Crash then Dice would win. It is simply because it’s a faster game and allows you to execute the Martingale Strategy in a faster manner.