Learn a strategy how to win in Craps and also how to use it in order to fulfill wagering requirements.

Craps is a game of dice, and as much as it sounds like it’s impossible to have a smart strategy to win in Craps, that is not entirely true.

  • Bonus Payout for Martingale Strategy
  • Could be fun if used in real time
  • Provably fair i.e. the roll of the dice is real (but read the review!)
  • Very Easy to apply the Strategy
  • Very slow in comparison to the normal Dice game as each round takes 15 seconds or more
  • Normally the lowest stake is $0.50 which not be suitable for low budget users

If we get straight down to business – if you google search the keywords “Craps Field Martingale” you would find lots of threads discussing this strategy.

In those threads you would find some people believing there are no strategies to beat the house in Craps whilst others might claim it could work at least temporarily.

Our verdict – there is some element of luck but you could be using this strategy to your advantage, it’s quite unlikely it would fail right away, and it all depends on your budget, goals and why you want to use it.

We assume you want to use this strategy for very short gains, i.e. for ticking the box in some sites that you made some necessary wagers.

What is a bet on the Field?

When you roll 2 dice you can expect to get any outcome between 2 and 12.

If you bet on the dice to hit either 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 – you basically bet on the “Field”. Now don’t be mistaken… 5-6-7-8 might seem as only 4 results that could “screw” your Field bet in comparison to 7 other results which would make it a winning bet – but there is only one way to hit 2 (1+1) whilst 5 has more ways (4+1, 3+2) so these “middle” results are more likely to hit in comparison to 2 or 12, however you could be still running a good strategy here with Martingale.

The Field bet is in the middle of the options, 2 and 12 are marked as special results yielding 3x times your stake!

If you are going to play Craps then make sure the results 2 and 12 are going to pay you triple your stake, that is very common with most providers. Some would even pay 4x times if you hit “Midnight” i.e. 12 (6+6):

Field Bet in Craps
Some will even pay 4x times your stake if you hit 12 in Craps

The strategy basically says you bet on the Field each bet. You bet 1 unit. If you win you go back to bet 1 unit. If you lose you raise your stake to 2 units (and if lose again then 4 units) until you win and then when you win you go back to bet 1 unit and you just repeat this cycle until you want to stop.

Why is it worth using this Craps Strategy?

Imagine the following scenario:

You bet in the form of “Martingale” on the Field, and you lost your bet 5 times. Let’s assume 1 unit = $1.00 – then:

  • $1.00 loss
  • $2.00 loss
  • $4.00 loss
  • $8.00 loss
  • $16.00 loss

In a normal Martingale system you would risk $32 on your 6th bet just to win $1.00 but what if you risk $32.00 and your result is 2 or 12?

In that case you would win $32 x = $96 ! That would be a massive win because you would make extra $32 ! So that is a benefit you have only with this Craps Strategy – with a Roulette for instance you won’t get that benefit (e.g. betting black and white is always a 2x payout, always).

Now of course you have to keep in mind it’s very easy to lose your entire bankroll with this strategy, perhaps a tip would be to wait for the dice to hit 3-4 non-Field results and only then start betting Martingale on the field – this way the chances of the dice hitting so many non-Field results in advance are somewhat less likely.

You can use this strategy basically to fulfill wagering requirements – for instance at sites such as Roobet – so if a casino wants you to bet $100 before you can get some perks and bonuses – this is one of the best ways to choose if you have enough bankroll … this way you have less chances to lose and it’s a much better way to fulfill wagering requirements instead of taking a total shot in the ark.

One more thing – we definitely suggest you use this Craps Strategy via Evolution Gaming – for instance at sites such as Stake because they have a live dealer you can chat with (and/or with other users) and it’s live, it’s not computerized, so it cannot be rigged, so that is an important element to use a trusted and reliable provider and not just an online game that is not provably fair.

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