Certified Gambling Websites

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Certified crypto gambling websites are websites certified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation (CGF) – you can visit its official site here:


Certified crypto gambling websites usually show a certificate from the foundation in the bottom of their site in order to tell the user they are reliable.

Basically, in order to be listed as certified you need to have full transparency and prove your games are not cheating the users. This is also known and coined in a term called “Provably Fair” – usually Crypto Gambling Websites include a way to prove why they cannot cheat the user (e.g. using a server hash/seed codes) and this way they can get this certificate which is really meaningless as what’s important is for you to see and believe the system cannot cheat.

Don’t trust it. Verify it. (BC.game)

The benefit of being certified is to inform the player the games are provably fair and this certificate testifies so – but always check it yourself just like BC.game is saying – verify it yourself and don’t rely on another party to do that for you – so if you want to run your own due diligence then by all means go for it.

Unlike regulative bodies that tend to do nothing for the player in case of troubles, the Crypto Gambling Foundation takes its role very seriously, and any attempt to circumvent and cheat will not only end up with the certificate being removed but it could very well lead to a lawsuit against the cheating operator, so hopefully this will help you acknowledge that the chances of reliable sites cheating you are very slim if not next to none.