Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane

The MMA has so many exciting events to look out for. Yet Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane is one of the most exciting events this week. On the one hand, Jon Jones with an impressive record of 26-1 (26 wins, 1 loss) but his last fight took place in February 2020, 3 years ago, as shown in

On the other hand, Ciryl Gane, with a 11-1 record. Gane had only one loss in his career likewise. His last fight was in September 2022 as shown here as well. Watch at 8m55s to see how Tuivasa punched Gane really hard and almost beat him in the fight!

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane: Our Analysis

Ciryl Gane’s last fight was against Tai Tuivasa (15-5). You can watch it for free on Youtube. You can see that Tuivasa was very ‘friendly’ with Gane during the fight (e.g. touching gloves during the fight). Still, nonetheless, Gane’s stance on the ground was not 100% impressive. It also took him 3 rounds to beat Tuivasa, and Gane take things very slowly.

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane: Prediction based on a previous fight with Tuivasa
Tai Tuivasa knocking down Ciryl Gane in the 2nd Round of Gane’s last fight in the MMA before this main event (Source: Youtube)

So normally you can give a better consideration for the underdog. For example, we had an event this week between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul (apologies for not writing a blog post about it). The underdog, Fury, won in the fight after a split decision, but throughout the match he was very impressive.

Back to our event. Here the only question mark in place is about Jon Jones being absent from the MMA for 3 years. However Gane was “absent” since January 2022 where he had his first loss. Against Tuivasa, he wasn’t that impressive i.e. yes, he won, but that was against a fighter that was ranked far lower. Gane also had odds of 1.18 in the bookmakers to win. These odds reflected an easy win for him, but as shown in the 9th minute in the video, Tuivasa punched Gane really hard and Gane fell on the ground! If you backed him for 1.18 at the moment you could have felt like your bet got burned, literally!

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane: Our Prediction

As we mentioned in our Value Bet Strategy, when you’re betting – then you’re looking for some value. The odds in our opinion reflect a difficult fight to predict. We don’t see it like this. Jon Jones in all of his fights up to 2020, his last fight, was impressive. Even on the ground, some believe he is not impressive, but he knows how to use the ground game and turn it into punches. So they both might not win via submission, and it seems to be irrelevant for prediction purposes.

So yes, Jon Jones hasn’t fought for 3 years, but if he took that fight, that means he means business. This is not a fight that came as a replacement for someone. This is the main event, 5 rounds. As we explained in our analysis – Ciryl Gane is simply not impressive enough. Watch again how in his last fight Tuivasa punched him in a way that made him fall so hard.

If that was Jon Jones in Tuivasa’s shoes – there is no doubt Jones would be a winner. And thus, we believe, in no doubt, that Jon Jones should easily win here. Likewise, the recent MMA main events went in favor of the underdog, it’s about time the oddsmakers would reflect the odds properly right. In this main event, we believe the favorite, Jon Jones, should easily beat Ciryl Gane.

Where can you bet on the match?

We suggest you either use or Stake to bet on the event. On the one hand, is having a Rio Carnival event, so you would get more bonuses for betting with them. On the other hand, Stake is one of the sponsors for the MMA so they might have better odds. You can always compare the two and choose the one you like more.

As always, remember to bet with websites like these, so you would be awarded for the risk you’re taking. A website that doesn’t give you a bonus for risking your money should always be avoided by all means. That’s what our blog emphasizes time and time again.

Good luck with your bets!

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