BC.Game Rio Carnival

Launched in February 2023 for 30 days, BC.game Rio Carnival is a great opportunity to grab some bonuses from the site. Unlike Stake for instance, everyone wins here, the big $1,200,000 prize is up for grabs but there are additional bonuses that come with it. As a reminder, first of all, you can sign up to BC.game here.

Why this is such a great opportunity

The site itself rewards its users with several bonuses. For example, you get a Rakeback for every bet that you place. In addition, you unlock BCD which is equivalent of USDT/USDC in Crypto. You also get bonuses for leveling up and now with this event you can get much more.

BC.game Rio Carnival Rewards
A screenshot of the RIO Coins given away during the BC.game Rio Carnival

As shown in the screenshot enclosed here, you do get RIO Coins for participating. If you deposit $100 for instance, and wager it at least once, at any odds whatsoever (incl. 1.01 for example) – then you get 100 RIO COINS for the deposit, plus 50 COINS for wagering (50% of the deposited amount).

You can for example, use this 1.01 strategy, and grab as many coins as you can. That means for a $1000 wagering (even on 1.01) you automatically get $5 bonus or more.

BC.game Rio Carnival: HODL

If you choose not to convert your coins directly to BCD, there is an option to HODL your coins. The more coins you HODL = The more you can share from the $1,200,000 pool. Here is a screenshot showing the latest users HODLing the coins as of the 27th of February 2023:

BC.game Rio Carnival List of Winners
BC.game Rio Carnival = There are 200 spots for sharing the big prize

As you can see, 37837 is the lowest but this is a screenshot that was taken throughout the promo. Still, it means around $75,000 of wagering – that is doable and can be achieved, especially if you follow the strategies provided in this site.

For instance, betting on no goals during an X minute in soccer, with $1000 – can profit you $20 from the bet, $1 – $2 from the Rakeback, $2 BCD and $5 BCD at minimum from the event – that means you get extra money for your bets from these bonuses.

Like what you see? Then sign up to BC.game now! Don’t forget – getting up through the levels would ensure you would get great bonuses, for life.

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