Redirecting To

Why is redirecting to ?

First of all, if you checked our blog previously you would notice the first domain was and it also had a redirection. So why is redirecting to at the time of writing? We can assume it’s for a similar reason.

The main reason behind this could be a trademark complaint by the Chainlink corporation. For instance, the domain is redirecting to and this has been like this since the end of 2017. Thus, we can assume that Ripple or Chainlink raised trademark complaints on the original domains, and this is why these domains had to change i.e. to have a redirection in place.

Is this a bad thing? What does it mean?

First of all everything we post here is an assumption and not something that can be certain. However, assuming this is correct, then it’s not such a bad thing. It does show there are US companies out there protecting their trademarks and assets and that means Crypto is here to stay. That’s a good thing.

Now, should they be so strict against domain names that in our view have no conflicts with their products? It’s up to them to decide that. In our view, that’s being a bit harsh or unscrupulous, but once again, assuming this is all true, then it’s up to these companies to decide why they do what they do. Redirecting to
Trademarks can cause conflicts but in our view CL is too strict

Will always redirect to ?

We cannot answer that question for sure. Perhaps Chainlink wants to cease the domain itself, perhaps they don’t. Perhaps there is no complaint at all. What we can assume is that the new domain is definitely and the site seems to be completely the same. If you have any doubts which URL to use then always use the original one – this domain seems to be the original one that is here to stay, just like is here to stay as a redirecting domain as well.

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