Polygon is better than Cardano

Why Polygon is better than Cardano?

If you look at the Crypto market heading towards June 2022 (when this article was published) you would see that Cardano is not widely used.

For instance BC.game is allowing you to deposit using the Polygon network with many currencies such as USDT and more whilst ADA remains ADA only. But let’s take this one step further.


One of the most popular wallets among Crypto fans is Metamask. It’s secured and allows you to store Crypto safely. It’s your own wallet, and not an exchange, and you can use it to store Crypto currencies from several blockchains. For example, you can use Metamask to store ERC20 tokens, BEP20 tokens – all in one place.

Cardano came into the air way before Polygon. Nonetheless, there is no “Cardano” blockchain available in Metamask. There are no “ADA20” tokens. Cardano is Cardano is Cardano.

Polygon was introduced after Cardano and made headlines quite a while afterwards. Nonetheless, Polygon is not a standalone token. You can use its blockchain to send Polygon tokens. Tether (USDT) is available on the Polygon network for example, whilst it’s not available on the ADA network.

MetaMask can help us understand why Polygon is better than Cardano
MetaMask can help us understand why Polygon is better than Cardano

To sum things up – reality has proven Polygon is widley used whilst Cardano’s promises are getting us nowhere.

Which currency has more potential to rise in value?

In the past few years Cardano had a similar “trip” that Ripple (XRP) had. It reached a peak of over $3.00 and went down towards June 2022 with a value of only $0.50

Polygon as of today is trading around $0.70 whilst the Crypto market is under fear that comes mainly from the Fed raising rates due to inflation as well as rising costs globally. That, in turn, makes investors to look for safety assets like the US dollar, and avoid risky assets (it’s known financially as risk aversion).

Still, if we have to guess which currency has more potential to hit $1.00 or more between this pair, then Polygon is definitely the answer. Polygon is adopted by many sites, gambling and non-gambling related. For example in the end of April 2022 Permssion.io announced its migration with the network. Other old platforms such as the Vienna based Morpher announced they will follow suit. There are bigger or smaller companies doing the same thing as we speak.

Thus, all in all, we can see where the value lies. The value lies with Polygon. Cardano is older in the market, but it was never adopted as a proper blockchain. It has no tokens to support and businesses around the world prefer something that is more productive. Hence, the future lies with Polygon.

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