Faucet Updates towards 2022

New Updates regarding our sites towards 2022

We are excited to tell you about our faucet updates towards 2022. A detailed review about these faucets can be found here and feel free to read it after going through the updates have for you here.


The minimum withdrawal limit in FreeTether.com used to be $10.00, and we agree it’s simply too high.

We have now reduced it to $5.00 as we no longer process USDT withdrawals via the ERC20 network (Ethereum) but rather through the TRC20 network (Tron) which has lower fees and it’s as good and reliable as the ERC20.

As a reminder if you’re still interested in getting paid via ERC20 you can always convert your TRC20 tokens via FixedFloat or StealthEX which are credible services.


We have reduced the minimum withdrawal limit in the site from 0.04 BNB to 0.03 BNB. So now it should be easier for many of you to withdraw faster.


We no longer send withdrawals via ERC20, but only via TRC20. We hope in the near future to allow you to choose to withdraw between TRC20 and BEP20. The goal is to keep on using low fee blockchains, as Ethereum doesn’t seem to care anymore about their fees.


Our new site was launched about 2 months ago (October 2021). We’re expecting to change it from BETA mode site to a fully active site towards the end of January 2022. Stay tuned and keep on collecting these SHIB tokens!

Withdrawal Notes

We have also added withdrawal notes to help you understand what withdrawal address to use. For example – FreeBitcoin.io:

FreeBitcoin.io Withdrawal Screen – There is a note specifying which address to use

The “Earn More” section

If you haven’t noticed, the “Earn More” section used to have only 2 available options and now there are 4 options to choose from:

  • CPX Research
  • Bitlabs
  • AdGate
  • OfferToro

What else to expect?

As we’re still integrating our faucets to use low fee blockchains, we’re expecting to reduce our withdrawal thresholds in many of our sites. For too long we relied on Ethereum reducing their fees but enough is enough. We want our users to feel like the withdrawal thresholds are reasonable, even though many users through the “Earn More” section reach it within 1 hour or less (you heard that right).

Later on we hope to allow you to exchange cryptos between 1 faucet and another. This way, for instance, you would accumulate USDT in FreeTether.com and withdraw it via SHIB if you like, but it’s still under plans and we hope it would be placed in practice later through 2022.

As a reminder our lowest threshold is available in FreeNEM.com which has only 5 XEM withdrawal threshold ($0.65 as of today). Even if you’ve never heard or NEM – You can always grab it and convert it to your desired coins.

Good luck and happy new year to all of you!

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