Stake $1,000,000 Christmas Giveaway

If you visit Stake during the month of December you would probably come across a big promo. That promo is called “Stake $1000000 Christmas Giveaway”.

Basically what it means is that for every $1,000 wagered on the site you would get 1 ticket. The more tickets you have – the higher are your chances to win something from that giveaway.

Please note: This article was posted in December 2021. If you read it a few years from now then things could have changed since.

How much do you need to wager in order to make it to the 1st place?

Stake $1000000 Christmas Giveaway is not about you winning $1,000,000 – that is impossible. The 1st prize is $100,000 and the rest of the money (i.e. $900,000) would be split between 90 winners i.e. you are “likely” going to win $10,000 if you win that giveaway – with some quite slim chances to win that $100,000.

Another $1,000,000 Race

Stake is also having a $1,000,000 race in addition to that giveaway. The more you wager – the higher your rank is. We took these screenshots on the 15th of December 2021:

Stake $1000000 Christmas Giveaway
If you wager close to $100,000 with Stake you end up getting a “Prize” of $20 if no one beats you

As you can see the “Prize” for wagering close to $100,000 is only $20, which is quite “peanuts” in comparison to risking $100,000 (e.g. $1,000 x 1000 times). Now see who you are competing with:

Stake $1000000 Christmas Giveaway
The top 10 in Stake wager over $17,000,000 and that is 10 days before the day of Christmas

At the time of writing, 19th of December 2021, we “slowed down” our wagering to $104,000 being wagered towards the race. As of now our rank is 3562nd with a $15 prize!

How do you easily grab tickets for the giveaway?

We invite you to check our different strategies in order to accumulate tickets with as little risk as possible. You can for instance find a value bet and get “risk free” tickets.

Stake $1000000 Christmas Giveaway – Conclusion

Whilst you shouldn’t build hopes of winning $10,000 or $100,000 in that giveaway, your chances of winning are better than winning a jackpot in the lottery. In addition, you would get more benefits for wagering more with Stake, so it’s not necessarily a 100% losing proposition.

What we do suggest however, is to come with real expectations. You do have some chances to win if you wager more, but note you are competing with some whales wagering several millions. So the average Joe who might even manage to wager $100k will end up with 100 tickets, whilst these whales will end up with over 20,000 tickets, each, and there are just too many of them. Yet, it’s all about having the right ticket, so who knows, maybe you could win, just always set your expectations to be realistic.

Haven’t signed up to Stake yet?

If you haven’t signed up to Stake yet – sign up here. For becoming a VIP with Stake (and that doesn’t require tons of wagering) you could end with very nice daily/weekly/monthly reloads.

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