Referral Program

Review of Referral Program referral program pays you for every wager the user makes. It doesn’t matter if the user wins or loses – you get a commission for referring the user. So practically it sounds pretty good.

However, a post that we made in Bitcointalk reveals several problems with the program.

Issues with the domain name

It might sound like a tiny problem but it’s not. Stake has several mirrors as is shown by their official website Referral Program relies on the mirror sites working without troubles. Referral Program relies on the mirror sites working without troubles.

If you refer someone to Stake’s mirrors and that mirror is down then you would lose that lead/traffic that you had.

In addition, in that Bitcointalk Thread Stake says the following: “maybe you will have better results using a mirror site url, versus the parent domain.”

That is true, the mirror sites seem to perform better! However, most affiliates/referrers would rely on the official site for referral purposes. It might look extremely non-catchy name to visit for instance, instead of itself.

Try to sign up under someone else’s link

This video posted on Vimeo shows what happens to the affiliate code in the URL:

As you can see the code is being deleted. If you replace it then your referrer won’t be credited. What happens if you refresh the page after you landed on Why don’t you try it for yourself? Referral Program – Conclusions

We did review in our site. We dedicated a nice review to it. We believe the site is honest and legit. We do believe Stake is genuinely having a generous affiliate program.

However, at the time of writing, we do notice soem technical issues with the program. It doesn’t imply the program is unreliable! On the contrary!

However, Stake must ensure their referral links will work and perform well via all of their mirrors. By ensuring there are no technical issues/glitches etc. then everyone is going to be happy, and that’s our main message to the owners of the site.

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