NBA’s Lakers vs Knicks – Nov 23, 2021

LeBron James with the Lakers will face the New York Knicks with their main two stars: Julius Randle and Derrick Rose. Altogether it will create a nice Knicks vs Lakers matchup.

The oddsmakers give the Knicks a -3.5 spread to win. The Lakers therefore are coming as underdogs despite winning against the Pistons where LeBron was ejected for hitting another player with his elbow.

Knicks vs Lakers: Nobody is expecting LeBron to get ejected again
Knicks vs Lakers: Nobody is expecting LeBron to get ejected again

What can we expect?

The Knicks are not great socrers, their recent matches ended with 212, 205, 202 and 176 points in total. Seeing them scoring over 220 points for instance is quite rare.

The Lakers on the other hand are scoring more. Their recent matches ended with 237, 238, 211 and 224 points in total.

Some of the Lakers’ recent results (from Google)

Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Anthony Davis are all great names in the NBA. When you’re seeing the team they’re facing you have to ask yourself how come the Lakers are underdogs?

Besides that pay attention to tonight’s games odds:

We have 4 games tonight, the one with the highest total is Knicks vs Lakers

The highest total is given between the Knicks and the Lakers. Is that a red flag? You got on the one hand one team that is low scoring, on the other hand the Lakers score more, but are they really that good?

Westbrook back in the OKC days

If you remember Russell Westbrook playing for the OKC, the team had an “under magnet” impression. Many pundits were betting under each time OKC played, and each time they did surprise them, again and again.

Now it’s true, last season the Lakers were the ultimate’s under bet, and so it happens all the times. If you had one way to guess it all then the bookmakers won’t make profit from it. Isn’t it?

Knicks vs Lakers – Our prediction

Have you read our page about finding a value bet? If not we suggest you read it.

The value here is to understand 2 things:

  • The Knicks are the FAVORITES to win.
  • The Lakers are underdogs and the Lakers showed they score in a fast pace.

The value here is to go against the “main trend” and actually back the OVER. Yes, it’s the highest total in tonight’s games and it’s for a reason. 214.5 seems to be quite low if the Knicks will be forced to play in a fast pace. A fast pace means 5-6 points can be easily scored every minute or less. 214.5 is too low for that pace.

Our prediction: OVER 214.5 POINTS

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