Response to the criticism

This blog post is intended to respond to the criticism we received about the “NEW” strategy we shared with you in November 2021 which we said is better than Martingale

This is a response to the criticism we received from you about this strategy we just published yesterday (4th of November 2021).

You were claiming you need a huge balance to participate

One user on Twitter claimed this:

Response to the Criticism
A user on Twitter says he would only suggest to use this strategy to his enemies

Yes, no doubt. We live in crazy times where anyone can say anything on social media. It is very easy to say bad things about something. However, criticzing our work saying you would wish it to your enemies is quite an insult for us.

So, we took the time to digest. We took the time to write this response. And this is our response to the criticism. Let us explain.

This video shows things from a different angle

Let’s say you want to wager as much as possible, but you don’t have a lot of money. And certainly – you don’t want to lose all your bankroll (like Karaganda said!) – So what do you do?

We made this video in order to show you how you can use $36 (not even $1000) and wager a lot, but simply a lot more than $36. In fact, using this method you might be able to spend $36 in order to wager around $9,000 – and it won’t even take you hours!

A video response to the criticism

If you watch this video you can see that if you risk for instance $40, and make bets of $0.005 each bet on odds of 1.01 – then only when you hit a streak of 2 loses the betting will stop. But then – that streak would only cost you $0.40.

How long will the streak last? We cannot tell for sure. There are no guarantees. However you should expect to spend no more than $4 for $1000 of wagering (probably much less than that!). And with many websites – when you wager $1000 you can get bonuses and rewards which are GREATER than $4.

It is almost like a RISK FREE Reward

There are many ways to use this strategy. You have to be creative in order to use it at the best way that is possible.

We tend to keep our blog posts short and sweet. This is why we cannot cover all aspects of gambling. We cannot tell you all the secrets how to bet smart. Why? Because each person takes it differently. Gambling is like an art. You draw a picture the way you like. HOWEVER – the strategies we post here are supposed to help you make more money – definitely not to lose your entire bankroll!!

This is NOT Martingale

Some users on Bitcointalk and in our Twitter post, said that this is called Martingale. Well, it’s not! Why don’t we use Wikipedia for the term Martingale?

According to Wikipedia, “The strategy had the gambler double the bet after every loss” – i.e. you lose $10, you risk $20. This strategy is NOT about doubling your bet after every loss!

We appreciate criticism

We just want to emphasize we do appreciate your feedback, whether it is good or bad. However, please be realistic. Telling us something like “I will wish it only to my worst enemies” is an insult. We are not here to provide you with bad tips. We learned from experience and we wish to share this experience with you, so you would make money from this.

The entire purpose of this site is to make you money. When you make money – we are happy. Please take the time to read and we are truly hopeful you would make the most out of this valuable information that we’re giving away here. Good luck and all the best.

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