Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons (5th of Nov 2021)

The Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons game will take place on the 5th of November 2021 (US Time Zone). In most areas around the globe it would already be the 6th of November 2021.

First of all let’s start with a tip. If you wish to see recent results with odds then use Covers. Covers allow you to see past results in the NBA. It includes the odds that were set before the games started. For example you can see which yesterday’s results won with the spread or went over/under the total etc.

What happened to Brooklyn Nets recently?

Kevin Durant and James Harden are part of the team. Many view them as great players for offense. However, the team has done an excellent defensive work against their opponents. One that we haven’t seen in the past year. They played against the Pistons just a few days ago and won 117-91. They kept so far several opponents under 100 points.

James Harden – Many view him as a great scorer, but defensively he has plenty of tricks under his sleeve likewise.

What about Detroit? How are they doing offensively?

In the past 3 games Detroit has scored on average less than 93 points. That is quite low considering it’s still the beginning of the NBA Season.

In addition, one of their key player, Kelly Olynyk, was associated with many low scoring teams throughout the NBA. When he played for the Celtics years ago – Boston also scored quite low. Their center, Luke Garza “regularly managed to defend without fouling, averaging only 2.4 fouls per game for his career.” (Source)

Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons – The PICK

The last game a few days ago ended with 208 points whilst the total line was set for 211. The 2nd quarter was the highest scoring quarter with 60 points. The 3rd had 57. The game was going “over” until the 4th quarter landed only 38 points and a bad loss to those who were expecting the “over to hit”.

In this rematch, we expect both teams to know how to play better defensively against the other. The line now is 212 so the oddsmakers see an average of 53 points per quarter, more or less.

We cannot see both teams scoring again 60 points like they did in the 2nd quarter of the last game. If anything – defense is going to play a much stronger role here.

Our prediction: UNDER 212

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