BetFury New ETH Spin

BetFury allows you to spin for a free bonus every time you wager a certain amount of ETH. Read what we think about this feature.

BetFury added a new ETH Spin. It allows you to get additional bonuses in ETH. In fact, adding ETH is also quite new for BetFury. Accordingly, in December 2020 ETH was not available in the site. Only in January 2021 this currency was added.

If you don’t know what it is then you can read our BetFury Review. In short, this site pays you free Satoshi every 20 minutes. It has games that pay you dividends for playing them. The dividends (e.g. BFG tokens) allow you to get free money every day. To learn more we definitely suggest you read through our review.

BetFury New ETH Spin: How much can you win?

BetFury New ETH Spin is a bonus spin. The most you can win is 100 ETH. However be aware the chances of winning that amount are very slim. You should treat this as a bonus. For instance, if you apply our Dice Strategy then you can win money from the strategy and also from that spin. You should really treat as a bonus and nothing more than that.

BetFury New ETH Spin
You need to wager 0.1 ETH in order to get 1 free spin

The requirement to wager 0.1 ETH in our view seems a bit high. However there seems to be users who easily grab 5-10 free spins with just 1 bet. They probably wager 0.1 ETH in one single bet. Alternatively they might use the martingale strategy with 0.01 ETH or so. It’s a big risk but if they have a bank of 10 ETH it could be a bit easier. Note that as of today 10 ETH is $12,000, but there are many who bought 1 ETH it for $50 or less.

Final Verdict

Overall the spin seems like a great bonus, but it’s only a bonus. You shouldn’t come up with high expectations to win big here. However if you do win big that’s great.

Keep on using the site normally, apply some strategies but don’t chase that spin. If you get it then great. But otherwise if you find it difficult to grab even one single spin then simply don’t chase it. If you do then you are likely going to be disappointed with the prize.

If you haven’t signed up to BetFury yet then you click here and sign up. Good luck!

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