Sarah Moras vs Vanessa Melo

Find out our prediction for the fight between Sarah Moras and Vanessa Melo.

Sarah Moras vs Vanessa Melo is a preliminary fight. Scheduled to be taking place on the 16th of January 2021 (in some locations around the world it would be already the 17th of January 2021).

This is a UFC/MMA fight. Sarah Moras has a 6-7 record (6 wins and 7 losses). Vanessa Melo is on a 10-8 record. The odds favor Moras to win, but at the time of writing she is 1.40. Thus there is no clear cut winner from these odds, supposedly.

Sarah Moras vs Vanessa Melo: About the 2 fighters

They are both 32 years old, Moras is 5cm taller. They weigh the same and Moras has a better reach.

Sarah Moras vs Vanessa Melo
Stats about the two fighters provided by Google

You can follow the odds on the event to see how the market is looking at this fight. However don’t rely only on the odds. When analyzing a fight you should also look for an edge.

For instance, Vanessa Melo is a slow fighter. She is not one of those who attacks with many punches trying to KO her opponent. In fact, if you YouTube search the name “Vanessa Melo” you would discover so many long videos. That is because many of her fights ended up by a decision. If you don’t know what it is, a decision is taking place if the rounds of fighting are over and there is no clear winner.

Melo’s last fight took place in July 2020 against Karol Rosa. Rosa won the fight by unanimous decision. Yet, once again we see how Melo causes all her opponents to stick in the fight until the end. On YouTube there are already some YouTubers all predicting the fight against Moras will end by a decision.

Our Prediction

In our view there is a clear value bet here. People by nature like backing a favorite with a good record. Moras has a 6-7 record, and by all means that is not impressive. However, Melo is not the same girl you would see in the videos in 2012 or 2014. She has a family to take care for. She said it in Portuguese in some of her interviews. Right now she is mainly contesting because when she does she gets paid. Yes, in the MMA you do get paid even if you lose.

In our view we expect something completely different. Whilst Melo is definitely not in her best – Moras is the opposite. Moras has practiced a lot so far for this fight. She is much more desperate to prove her record is not a true reflection of how good she is. Unlike Melo, Moras is the one who can take down her opponent really fast. And we expect Moras to do that over this weekend.

We believe Sarah Moras is going to win this fight, probably in Round 1. By all means Moras is not looking for a decision or to prolong the fight. She wants to win this thing and she wants to do it fast. Melo is a great defender, hands down. However, when you get too many kicks and punches you will collapse. That’s what we expect to happen in this fight.

Our prediction: Sarah Moras to easily beat Vanessa Melo NOT by a decision.

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