Lucky Spin (December 2020)

As of December 2020 allows you to spin a wheel and win more prizes. It is 100% free and comes in addition to the free rolls in the site.

In December 2020, the website added a new feature. This is the Lucky Spin. It is free of charge and costs nothing to participate. It is mostly available on a daily basis. Lucky Spin’s Lucky Spin – 100% Free to Participate

In order to participate you need to subscribe to’s emails. Once you subscribe, each time they send out an email, look for the link. Click on it and then you would see a screen similar to the image above.

What can you win in this Lucky Spin?

There are several prizes you can win. The top ones include:

  • $15,000 in Bitcoin
  • iPhone
  • A Rolex Watch
  • Amazon Gift Cards

The chances to win the top prizes are small but they exist. The vast majority of participants are likely to win Reward Points (which can be converted to cash in the site), Lottery tickets, A smaller amount of BTC and more.

If you are looking for similar websites offering a Lucky Spin then check out our reviews for BetFury and which both provide similar features. Note: With Betfury this is not available all the times.

If you wish to sign up to you can sign up here.

Is there any risk to subscribe to the newsletter?

By all means no, there is no risk. provides you with an option to opt out anytime. However please be aware by opting out of the subscription you won’t be allowed to participate in this feature.

We personally don’t find their emails too annoying or bothersome. The Lucky Spin in our view is worth that one email per day. Ask yourself how many times do you get annoying emails from other providers and you do nothing about it? On top of it their emails are not really annoying. If anything they contain promotions which you can exploit. However to a certain degree from time to time their message might repeat itself. It’s simply because the site has some limitations in what it provides. However we see this feature as a great initiative by the site.

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