BetFury Lowered The Free Box From 25 SATS To 10 SATS

On the 18th of November 2020 BetFury has decided to lower its Free Box giveaway from 25 Satoshi to 10 Satoshi. Read our opinion about this.

BetFury Lowered The Free Box From 25 SATS To 10 SATS. On the 18th of November without any notification in advance, BetFury has lowered its Free Box giveaway from 25 Satoshi every 20 minutes to 10 Satoshi every 20 minutes.

Now, we are not sure why they did it so quickly and without a pre-notice. On the 18th of November the Bitcoin price has reached $18,000 which is quite high. Perhaps one of the reasons they did what they did was the soaring price of Bitcoin. Imagine giving away 0.00000025 BTC every 20 minutes to every person who signed up to the site, for free … That is like almost half a cent ($0.005) every 20 minutes. It might sound too little but multiply this by thousands of users and you would be spending a lot every 20 minutes.

In addition, the referral commission on the box used to be 35%. It is now 20% so this one also went down. All in all, BetFury is still giving away free money. Yet it’s just not going to be the same amount like before.

What do we think about this?

It is totally understandable why a website who’s giving away money for free is going to change it. After all, this money is yours. You can just grab it and walk away. Surely there are many users who just did that instead of spending the money in the BetFury site.

So by spending less on free giveaways BetFury has mitigated the risk of getting too many freeloaders. Instead only “serious” users, who want to get bits of free money and/or in playing in their site will keep on coming back there. Is that okay? Well, it’s totally up to BetFury’s discretion. We can’t speak on their behalf but we can totally see the rational and explanation behind this decision. We can understand why BetFury Lowered The Free Box From 25 SATS To 10 SATS.

Staking continues as normal

If you bet with BetFury you would get BFG tokens. The more you have – the more free daily bonus you would get. In addition you can still claim Free 10 SATS from the Free Box. Hence BetFury in our view is still very generous and rewarding.

BetFury Free Box Giveaway: Free 10 Satoshi Every 20 Minutes
The Free Box – Claim Free 10 SATS Every 20 Minutes (used to be 25 SATS but it’s still better than nothing!)

Remember that you can also apply some strategies like the ones we suggest in our site. And if you are curious to know at the moment after being with BetFury for about a month this is what we’re getting from their Staking. This screenshot was taken on the 24th of November 2020:

Screenshot taken on 24-NOV-2020 showing a profit of approx $1/day. BTC’s rate as of 24-NOV-2020 is $19,000

So we get around $1/day, it’s not bad for doing nothing, but on the same time in most countries you won’t be rich from it, but for being such a short time with them – we definitely see what they do as a great thing, and we still support them all the way.

You can read our review about BetFury or sign up now, claim your Free Satoshi and grab those BFG tokens to ensure you would get dividends paid up to you for life.

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