Thursday Night Football (TNF) – 19 Nov 2020: Seahawks vs Cardinals

The Seattle Seahawks will host the Arizona Cardinals on TNF 19/11/2020. Is there any value bet here?

Thursday Night Football – Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals. Going to be an interesting game as always.

Last Sunday, 15 November 2020, the Arizona Cardinals played against the Buffalo Bills. The total line in that game was 55.5 points. The final score combined was 62 points, where only 10 points were scored in the 1st quarter:

Buffalo Bills vs Arizona Cardinals. 15 November 2020
The Final Score between AZ Cardinals and BUF Bills – Source:

On the other hand, the Seattle Seahawks on the same day played against the Los Angeles Rams. The total line in that game was 55 points. The final score combined was 39 points, where 17 points were scored in the 1st quarter:

Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angels Rams. 15 November 2020
The Final Score between SEA Seahawks and LA Rams – Source:

Seattle also for the first time against the LA Rams, reached a situation where they scored less than 4 Touchdowns a game. It never happened before since the beginning of the season in mid September 2020.

Don’t expect too many field goals

One of the reasons the Cardinals and the Bills scored so many points (albeit only 25 pts in the 1st half) was field goals. For the Bills Tyler Bass, a kicker, scored 3 Field Goals from distances such as 55 yards and similar. All from the first half by the way! The Cardinals with their kicker, Zane Gonzalez scored 4 Field Goals likewise. It’s difficult to expect the same thing to repeat itself.

The Seahawks’ kicker, Jason Myers, converted 3 out of 3 Field Goals despite ending up with a low score. In the game before then on the 8th of November by the way where the total score was 78 points Jason Myers had only converted 2 out of 2 Field Goal attempts.

Jason Myers, a kicker for the Seattle Seahawks - one of the best kickers in the NFL
Jason Myers, a kicker for the Seattle Seahawks – one of the best kickers in the NFL

Seattle did a very good job, defensively, leaving the Rams with only 1 Field Goal attempt (which was converted successfully). However they did force several turnovers of the ball. Thus it’s something we haven’t seen them doing in the beginning of the season.

Russell Wilson under pressure

Most NFL teams know already by now the gameplay of Russell Wilson, the Quarterback for the Hawks. He loves passing the ball. He is always on the lookout to pass the ball deep and earn as many yards as he can. Well, that strategy has led him to get sacked 15 times over the past 4 games!

Terrell Lewis from the LA Rams is tackling Russell Wilson, Seattle's QB on Sunday Night, 15 November 2020
Terrell Lewis from the LA Rams is tackling Russell Wilson, Seattle’s QB on Sunday Night, 15 November 2020

Kyler Murray for the Cardinals doesn’t have these types of complaints against him, yet his team is the underdog to win in this TNF game, which perhaps helps us see a better picture of what kind of prediction we can make from all of the above.

Prediction: Seahawks vs Cardinals

Assuming this time the 2 teams will play defensively for 4 quarters and not just for the first 2 quarters, we can expect to see more defense plays from both teams. Wilson would have to slow it down in order to score some Touchdowns. Whilst the Cardinals who scored 17 points in the 3rd quarter against the Bills probably would keep it down to 7 this time. Thus, the total for the game seems a bit high. So yes, taking into account Seattle always scored 4+ Touchdowns in all games so far except for the last one. So let’s get down to our prediction for Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals.

The Pick: Under 57.5 Points

Where should you bet on the Seahawks vs Cardinals?

The game is going to take place on Thursday night US Time zone which is Friday already (20th of November) for many people around the world. The game will finish around 4am UK Time, 12pm Hong Kong time, as normally NFL games take at least 2.5-3 hours on average.

Assuming you win (and we hope you do) if you cash out your winnings via a traditional site then you might have to wait the entire weekend to get paid! But with Crypto it’s not like this.

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So for the Seahawks vs the Cardinals we suggest you bet via Stake.

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